Seasons of Loneliness and Isolation: You’re Growing

Seasons of being alone and isolated can actually bring about a lot of spiritual growth.

I have been through many long seasons of being alone or completely isolated in the past two or so years. I have experienced those seasons both negatively and positively based on the posture of my heart during that time.

I noticed some patterns in those seasons that others who have gone through a similar time could identify with:

  • bitterness
  • sadness
  • depression
  • self-pity
  • despair
  • giving into sin to temporarily satisfy desires instead of waiting for God to answer or meet those
  • feeling trapped or helpless
  • uncared for, unloved, worthless
  • insignificant, unnoticed
  • emptiness
  • ‘completely alone’
  • hurt and intense pain
  • self-protection, shutting out others
  • self-loathing
  • turning inward, self-focus

I could go on, but you get the idea. These times can be very painful and full of brokenness, but they can also be full of deep joy and intimacy with the Lord. They do not have to be like I described. I found some of my greatest times of growth and development spiritually as a person were the times when God stripped everything else in my life away (literally) and it was just me and Him. That season, and others like it, were not without a purpose. When I looked to and turned to Him during those times, these are some of the things He used it for in my life:

  • growth
  • being broken down and stripped of negative things
  • repentance and freedom
  • shedding, giving up and removing what needs to go
  • deep joy that is more than a feeling
  • greater intimacy with the Lord
  • new revelation, more understanding in the Word
  • more time with God in solitude
  • seeking, listening, praying
  • attuning your ears to know His voice, hear Him more clearly
  • submission and re-aligning of the heart
  • authentic worship and refreshing moments in God’s presence
  • love for God maturing
  • positioning of God as first and greatest love in my heart and of my life

God is molding you during that time. One of the most important things you can do during those times is to look to Christ and keep your eyes fixed on Him. He has been through isolation (in the desert for 40 days He was alone and completely removed from everything). He can give you the strength to persevere through it.

It isn’t the easiest thing to choose to run to Jesus sometimes, for whatever reason, but if you do, no matter how you feel, and keep running to Him, He will meet you there. He is always present but we have to seek Him daily. I can’t tell you, you just have to experience it for yourself, but learning to delight yourself in God, in being in His presence day-by-day, no matter what season you are in, is so incomparable. It is the best. That is where you find all your heart is longing for. It’s in Him.

It is so easy to feel sorry for yourself or feel sad about where you are at in that position, I know, but it actually is a needed season every one of us need to go through. Just because it is hard doesn’t mean it isn’t beneficial. Simply come to Him with your whole heart; He’ll do the work.

God uses those seasons of being alone and isolated to draw us closer to Him, to refine and mold us, to strip away what isn’t needed, and largely to shape us into who we need to be. We’ll come out of it a more whole person with our identity based on Christ and His truth (and not anything else). The reward is so much greater than the suffering. It is hard; but you are not truly alone, and it doesn’t last forever. It may seem like it lasts longer than you ever wanted to endure, but it is less and less miserable if you find your comfort, peace, and encouragement in Christ. That is the whole point- to bring you closer to Him. We should praise God for those times. They will shape you into who you are today and God can use them to do mighty things in your heart!


19 thoughts on “Seasons of Loneliness and Isolation: You’re Growing

  1. This is so true, Breanna. It is the last thing we ever want to go through. Times of loneliness and despair are truly heart-wrenching. When we are at that pit of feeling as if there is nothing left of us, there is still God. His Holy Spirit is deep within us, and comforts us. We are truly never alone, no matter how much it grabs us. He can remold and shape us into the being he wants us to be when we are at this place of surrender and emptiness. He fills us up and empowers us to overcome through Him, nothing of ourselves. He is omnipotent and awaits that true moment of surrender to finally take all the parts of us away that don’t belong. He is always with us in this entire process to lovingly prune and shape us. I’m thankful for the valleys and the uttermost despair after I’m through it. When I’m in it, I totally depend on Him for every breath and await His encouragement as it unfolds. I have completely begged God for the breakthrough, but finally come to a place of rest and acceptance. I stand on the WORD and know He has the victory. The enemy of our souls can not have us, or any part of us. God has us and says, “I will never leave you or forsake you.” That is what we hold on to….His Word. It is true and never fails us. Nothing is impossible with God, and every great leader (servant of His) I know and have read about, has been through these times. He alone is faithful. He is worthy to be praised. He is an all powerful creator, and LOVES his creation. He loves you.

      • Thank you for sharing, because this described where I am—i know I should be running to the Lord but the truth is I feel like he’s abandoned me and my situation. Pray with me that im victorious in this transition.

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  3. I’ve never been so loved and yet some days I just feel so alone it’s painful. On days like this He is so faithful. He led me here today and I am once again focused and strengthened to continue my course with joy.

  4. You have encouraged me. I’ve been going through this for almost two years. And everything you said is true through that pain He feels that much closer to me, I have learned to want Him above everything else. I’ve learned to enjoy it being just me, and Him but I’d be a liar if I said I don’t have my days where it really hurts and I ask what’d wrong with me maybe I’m doing something wrong. So I googled and I found this site. Thanks for the encouragement, and exhortation to God be all the Glory, thanks for choosing to heed to His voice. He will never leave is nor forsake us. Love, joy, and peace to you sister in our Lord Jesus Christ

    • I I’m going through this now I gave my life to Christ about five months ago and these post really have strengthened me and let’s me know that I’m not alone in what I’m going through please pray that God gives me the power to go through this and I will pray for you all as well!!!

  5. It appears that I have been here for the past year and a half, I don’t understand even with all I have just read I still don’t understand, I am still in the first list of feelings and I find myself giving more into sin which only causes more problems for me. I can’t get past the bitterness to pray seek and listen to him. I don’t think he is speaking to me which means I don’t have faith?

    • I feel compelled to respond to you because I was where you are just a few months ago. Do you believe the Bible is the word of God? If so, please discover His word about who you are in Christ. God created you. He doesn’t make mistakes. Even all the hairs on your head are numbered, just as all the stars in the sky are as well. I’m extremely alone as well…however alone doesn’t have to mean lonely. Sometimes I do feel lonely, but I remind myself of what I’ve learned. The word of God is true and there is so much in there about his love for us. And how we are saved by grace, not works. I encourage you to pray. Even if it’s just in your head. Pray for guidance to the proper scripture for you to gain insight and understand. You will be guided. You will see. Ask and you shall receive. Knock and the door will be opened …. god bless you

      • Thank you very much I had forgotten I even had commented on here, so busy feeling sorry for myself. I am back to church, praying a little and reading the word. I am going to look more for what it says about who I am in CHRIST.

  6. I am in that place of loneliness and isolation. It is a hard place, but I’m getting used to it, I think😖
    All I’ve ever wanted is to serve God, all I still want and nothing else satisfies my heart. I’ve gotten angry with God, I’ve yelled and screamed..oh woe is me.. lol asked is this all there is for my life? Is thiscit? I came across your blog and after reading it.. i didn’t feel so bad. The only thing is after months of unemployment, I have finally got a job. The commute is horrendous, I’m exhausted by the time I get home, it’s taking away from my prayer and study time with God. I feel stressed and worn out. My peace has gone. I asked God for this job. May he forgive my ungrateful attitude. But I long for it to be just he and I again. I truly feel distressed. I get home and within an hour I’m fast asleep.. I don’t want my life like that. I need income but not for the sake of losing my time with God.

  7. I feel lonely, but I like it I like being lonely and isolated and like you mentioned I am closer to God as well. I would live like this alone and isolated forever and I could live with it. And also I am getting used to it and realy wishing it will stay like this, but I know it won’t.

  8. This has blessed me immensely! It’s good to know that I’m not the only one going through this strange season in life. Blessings to you!

  9. What a wonderful blog this is! It has been so very comforting to me and has given me some relief to realize that I am not totally alone in my struggle as I thought I was. I thank you for such a wise and compassionate piece of writing. May God bless you and keep you always!

  10. Feel like I have been in isolation most of my life. Even when I was little. My life is a long story. I am not sure what to do. I am so tired.

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